Week 17/a Dream about what you want then Create your Dream

This weeks we saw a magnificent video about Aimee. Terez did a great job commenting on Aimee’s life transformations; I am reblogging her blog.

Watching this week’s suppliment made me think. It is mindblowing how Aimee changed her feelings and thinking and ultimately her life about the fact that she had no lower legs. I was gonna write ‘…about her disability’. Disability? Her example shows that it is rather a possibility. Disadvantage at first sight that she turned around to be an absolute advantage, people envied her and not only for what she was able to do with her body. It is so much more. Breaking out from the ‘prescribed’ thinking and feelings by society about her condition she saw herself as a full and beautiful entity with all the possibilities hidden in her situation. And she was it from the inside, so she became it regarding the outside. She has been having a full life and wonderful experiences in the world without. I remember when I was small during drawing a picture or making something, it often turned out wrong half way. After the first shock of realising it I remember stopping for a minute, looking at my half done work and I was looking at it in different ways. I always found a way of finishing it, kind of turning the mishap around, making it part of my work, decorative and attractive and I was proud of it at the end. I think about myself from that time and it feels like the little child had something then that would turn things around for me now. Creativity, the ability to focus and simply be with something tuning into it. There were no ‘recepies’ carved in; I was free and able to see the possibilities in the situation. I believe the genius is there in everyone – the golden buddha, we all come to the world like this.

In Vincent van Gogh’s early life it has been said that he “was highly emotional, lacked self-confidence and struggled with his identity and with direction.” Yet when he started to paint you could say he found his bliss and became a prolific painter. Like Aimee we too should “waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why should we throw good after bad?” We should dream about what we want then create our dream.


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