Week 5 Press Release

Tasmanian Entrepeneur Interviewed by David Koch at the Henry Jones Hobart

Samantha Townsend – Sunday Tasmanian – posted: Sunday, 24 March 2019

David Koch was in in Hobart today to interview local Entrepreneur & Youth Advocate Greg Lassig about his Business Networks which are Creating Opportunities for Australian Youth. The Television presenter who hosts Kochies Business Builders met with Greg at the Henry Jones:

Kochie:  What motivated you to get involved with young people?

Greg: I got involved with disadvantaged youth after working for myself in the cabinetmaking trade and small business for a number of years. In working with these young people I could see that many had great potential but had no hands on work experience, no support or mentors to help them get started in the work force.

Kochie:  What obstacles did you encounter along the way?

Greg: Money and time. Although the idea to help these young people was one I have had from the start, the opportunity to take the idea further was often hindered by no money for investing in the idea, no time to plan a strategy & no idea of how I was going to solve these  problems.

Kochie: What keeps you going?

Greg: Seeing the lives of young people change as they develop their creative potentials, self  confidence and independence and become leaders.

Kochie: You have real estate interests. How does it play a part  in your business.

Greg: We invest in properties which have renovation potential and these are good projects for training our young people

Kochie: Where to from here? what do you plan to do next?

Greg: We continue to expand our training into new skill areas & increase the numbers of trainees as the need arises. We develop mentoring programmes to motivate our trainees to achieve their own success.

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